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The Quest for Classics: Pueblo

I wrote earlier that we have ventured on a quest to acquire the classics. Lost games from our collection - a heritage of gamers. A lot of games that we know about but never got, and some games that we had at hand but now do not.

Our quest had an origin point - a spark that shined a light in the darkness of this void. That spark was a game that I have loved since the first time I played it, and a game that holds a very special place in my heart. That game is Pueblo by Wolfgang Kramer.
My brother owns Pueblo. If I don't recall incorrectly it was one of the first games in his collection. It was one of the games that struck us both like lightning from a clear sky - "Can games be this awesome!?". We never got around to picking it up ourselves, because we always thought of it as pointless to own a game that my brother had, as he lived close by and we played it frequently over at his place. But then my brother moved, and strangely enough he took his game collection with him (h…