The Quest for Classics: Pueblo

I wrote earlier that we have ventured on a quest to acquire the classics. Lost games from our collection - a heritage of gamers. A lot of games that we know about but never got, and some games that we had at hand but now do not. Our quest had an origin point - a spark that shined a light in the darkness of this void. That spark was a game that I have loved since the first time I played it, and a game that holds a very special place in my heart. That game is Pueblo by Wolfgang Kramer. My brother owns Pueblo. If I don't recall incorrectly it was one of the first games in his collection. It was one of the games that struck us both like lightning from a clear sky - " Can games be this awesome!? ". We never got around to picking it up ourselves, because we always thought of it as pointless to own a game that my brother had, as he lived close by and we played it frequently over at his place. But then my brother moved, and strangely enough he took his game collection

Introducing Mrs. Meeple

Hi there, everyone! I thought it would be time to introduce myself. I'm Linda, the gaming wife who will also be contributing to this blog. I have no grand plan for this blog, but I will try to write regularly. On the Internet and social media I'm mostly known as rinuda or rinuda86, and on BGG I have the username Blue_rose. So who am I? What sort of gamer am I? I'm a Finnish lady (although let me point out my native language is Finland Swedish). I'm married to my wonderful husband Jens and I'm the mother to an awesome little boy. I work in education as a teacher's assistant in kindergarten. Other than gaming I love reading, nature and good food. I have also been very interested in languages since a young age and I would love to learn more languages if I only had the time. I have been playing board games actively for some 12 years now. I met my husband in January 2007, and he introduced me to the wonderful world of modern board games. And I was hooked immediat

The Quest for Classics

I started playing modern designer board games back in the early days of the new millennium. Back then far fewer games were published annually, and the gap between a few quality games and a lot of really bad "games" was huge. Some speak of this era as a time when no good games were published, or if they were they are obsolete by now. To those people I would like to raise a gracious but steady middle finger. It is true that a lot of bad games were published. It is also true that some of those games haven't stood the test of time. But the foundation for the board games published today was laid back then, and there are still games from the late 90's and early 00's that are unrivalled today. Amongst others designers like Reiner Knizia and Wolfgang Kramer (often with Michael Kiesling) were producing awesome games. Back in the day you really didn't know which games were to be awesome. Sure we had BoardGameGeek but the userbase was quite small, so there wer

CORINTH - Colour Me Surprised

I am not usually one to get hyped about upcoming games. I like for the game to be released and then to read some reviews and see some playthroughs before I make up my mind. I've been in the hobby for far too long to get overly excited for something that I'm not playing. You can call me jaded - I'm going to go with " old and wise ". At the same time I am on my quest for the old classics. Of course Days of Wonder has to go and announce a new game that pulls on every heartstring! I am talking about the newly announced Corinth that is to be released in March. Let's break it down; ▶️ It's Days of Wonder which means stellar components and artwork. ▶️ It's a roll-and-write which is something we both really enjoy. ▶️ It's by Sébastien Pauchon (Yspahan, Metropolys, Jaipur) who's games we really like. ▶️ It looks like it uses a dice mechanisms similar to that of Yspahan - which is awesome. ▶️ It's playable for two and takes 20:ish minutes to

Why So Cutesy, Mr Meeple?

Hello there, people of the interweb! If you made it over here you might ask yourself one big question; “Why in the name of good taste and decency is this blog called Meeple Heart Meeple?”. Well, let me explain it to you. If you’ve managed to find us you probably already understand what a meeple is so I’ll just skip the redundancy and not explain that part. We were deliberating what to call this blog – going through all sorts of more and less bad names – when my eyes struck upon our wedding cake topper that sits in our living room vitrine; a yellow and a blue meeple standing side by side holding up a heart. Obviously reading the symbology from left to right it was reading out “Meeple Heart Meeple”. Since we’ve been playing board games together almost since the day we met, and board games have been our mutual passion for all these years we’ve spent together, it felt somewhat natural. So that’s why we went with this silly but very symbolical title. This is a joint blog where w