Introducing Mrs. Meeple

Hi there, everyone! I thought it would be time to introduce myself. I'm Linda, the gaming wife who will also be contributing to this blog. I have no grand plan for this blog, but I will try to write regularly. On the Internet and social media I'm mostly known as rinuda or rinuda86, and on BGG I have the username Blue_rose.

So who am I? What sort of gamer am I? I'm a Finnish lady (although let me point out my native language is Finland Swedish). I'm married to my wonderful husband Jens and I'm the mother to an awesome little boy. I work in education as a teacher's assistant in kindergarten. Other than gaming I love reading, nature and good food. I have also been very interested in languages since a young age and I would love to learn more languages if I only had the time.

I have been playing board games actively for some 12 years now. I met my husband in January 2007, and he introduced me to the wonderful world of modern board games. And I was hooked immediately! Before I met my husband I had been playing a little. Mostly Monopoly, Afrikan tähti, Cluedo and the like. In high school we also used to play card games with a standard deck a lot. Somewhere around 2006 my mother bought Through the Desert by Reiner Knizia. This was my first contact with modern board games. Back then there weren't many game stores in Finland, only one or two selling board games, I think.

During the 12 years I have been gaming I have gone through a lot as a gamer. For very long I was very much a completionist. If a game was part of a series, I wanted everything in that series. Expansions, spin-offs, sequels, everything. I have also been a victim of the cult of the new. The fear of missing out can be very real. I have also been through times when I have been sick of games and gaming. Nowadays I have a more relaxed approach to gaming. I still love to discover nice new to me games, and I seldom say no if I get the chance to try a new game. But I don't feel the need to play, or own, every game in existence. I play board games because I enjoy it. I don't play for the sake of playing.

People often ask me what my favorite game is. I can't answer that question! I have played so many games I like, and I have a hard time imagining wanting to play the same game over and over again. I tend to like so called euro games most, light to medium weight, although there is nothing wrong with a heavier game every now and then. But as a parent and working adult there just isn't enough time for very long games often. If a game is long it also has to be good enough to justify the length. I also enjoy card games very much. I lean more towards abstract than heavily thematic, but I really enjoy a lot of different games.

Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride with their different versions remain some of my all time favorites. Right now I'm very excited about games like Flamme Rouge, The Quest for El Dorado and Pay Dirt.

So this was a little bit about me. Feel free to comment, ask questions and make suggestions. What sort of content would you be interested in?


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