CORINTH - Colour Me Surprised

I am not usually one to get hyped about upcoming games. I like for the game to be released and then to read some reviews and see some playthroughs before I make up my mind. I've been in the hobby for far too long to get overly excited for something that I'm not playing. You can call me jaded - I'm going to go with "old and wise". At the same time I am on my quest for the old classics.

Of course Days of Wonder has to go and announce a new game that pulls on every heartstring! I am talking about the newly announced Corinth that is to be released in March.

Let's break it down;
▶️ It's Days of Wonder which means stellar components and artwork.
▶️ It's a roll-and-write which is something we both really enjoy.
▶️ It's by Sébastien Pauchon (Yspahan, Metropolys, Jaipur) who's games we really like.
▶️ It looks like it uses a dice mechanisms similar to that of Yspahan - which is awesome.
▶️ It's playable for two and takes 20:ish minutes to play.

I can't wait to get my hands on Corinth!

Update: Yes, it seems like this is a reprint-sort-of-thing for Yspahan, even bearing the working title "Yspahan: The Dice Game". So now my hype died and I'm struggling to decide what to do.


  1. perhaps read through the rulebook on Days of Wonder site for this game :D

    1. I will need to do that. At the same time it seems so identical to Yspahan that I kinda lost all interest.


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